Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Beginning

So this is the blog that's going to be my little outlet during my adventure. It saves the hassle of writing long emails to everyone, and it keeps people updated with where I am, should anyone choose to come meet me somewhere on the planet.

Departure date: July 2, 2006

So, for now, I'm gathering supplies, sorting out vaccinations and saving up money! If anyone has any tips, suggestions, places that they recommend I visit, or want to meet me, please leave me comments!

The countown continues.


At 4:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a hell of a trip.


At 4:25 am, Anonymous Mom said...

sounds great

At 4:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey beautiful,

i'm so excited that you're coming to australia. you MUST stop in at brisbane and i will show you around the city. how long will you be staying for?

this has gotten me excited. oh some day i will do this.


At 11:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow, sounds like a great itinerary!
You must be very rich - how are you funding this trip?!
I'd have loved to do something like this, but I now have a 9 month old and will have to wait several *years*!

At 8:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Vicky! i cant wait to see your pics when you get back to Vancouver... then we'll hi up Brandi's OK? Be safe, and have lots of fun!

Muffin Man

At 10:53 pm, Anonymous Sandor F said...

Vicky, dear!
Ági and Dave leaved right now for a meet with You, at Cheb.
Kathy, and Zoli, and all the rest, we agree that it just would be great we saw you here. We'd go for you to Wiena or Prague, or anywhere, and we d' take you anywhere, and show you around the country.
The trip sounds to be exciting!
Sanyi, you know who I am


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