Saturday, October 28, 2006

JoBurg to Bangkok

I spent a couple days being lazy and useless in JoBurg hostels, and then got on my flight to Bangkok via singapore. I met a guy called Keoni from New York on the bus into Bangkok from the airport, and we hunted for a hostel on the Kho San Road. That night we went and got Thai Massages and facials (I'd never had one) then headed to a livemusic pub where a thai band was doing covers of 80's hair bands (ACDC, Guns And Roses, Metallica) It was awesome!

Next day I did some shopping before my trip to trek in Chang Mai. I had a run in with the Thai Police as the lady of MOM's HOTEL tried to con me into paying an extra night because of her dodgy checkout times.. she called the cops but i refused to go to the station with them until i got my money back. Mwahaha.
Ended up on the bus to Chang Mai, a 12 hour overnight experience talking to an Israeli bloke who had just bought a small squirrel/hamster like thingy and was trying to bring it with him back to israel.


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