Friday, July 07, 2006

Itinerary edits and news

After graduating (yay!) during the week of June 20th, Mom, Liz and I headed up to the highlands for some sightseeing. I slept through most of it, obviously due to the high work load from university finally dissipating (hah). Photos are in existance, but i have yet to trawl through them to post, so watch this space.
Saw LochNess (not that impressive) and was evershocked by the wonders of a small town called Plockton (yes, you read right), in the middle of nowhere, scotland. Headed to the Isle of Skye (again, boring and rocky) and various castles along the way (read: ruins).

Back to St.Andrews to sort out my passport (which apparently is expiring in less than six months which makes travelling difficult), and various fun and frolicking adventures with Uni friends.

Departure date has been revised to this coming tuesday, July 11th. Liz is already in Belgium meeting some of her friends, she and I will rendezvous in Prague, then meet Cousin Dave and head to Vienna with him and his wife.

Looks like its all falling in to place, though I cant wait to get to africa already.

And just before I leave st. andrews, the weather here turns golden, 27degrees yesterday. I'm getting a tan in scotland, the sky must be falling.


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