Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Brussels and the Hop On Hop Off Tour

I arrived in Brussels early, and since I was meeting liz later that evening to head to Prague, I stashed my suitcase in a luggage check in the train station.

I decided the Hop On Hop Off tour would show me the sights and move me around the city, so I hopped on.. and fell asleep. It took 3 entire trips to finally see all the sights of brussels in a cognitive state..
I still preferred Bruges, far prettier, but Brussels had its highlights...

I thought this war monument was pretty powerful.

I eventually "hopped off" and went to the supermarket. Some bread, some salami, some laughing cow cheese, and some cucumber, and Lunch was served!

I ate on the steps of a museum while watching a black man preaching in hardcore french. Bizaar.

wandered into the main square and saw it all, very pretty in the center of town..

Met up with Liz in the trainstation, and after much faffing about, we figured we could get to Prague by train.. with some drama.


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