Monday, November 27, 2006

After the medical intermission, the rest of the Thai Adventure (Ko Mook, Koh Lanta and Bangkok)

We got tired of the people in koh phi phi, because its such a beautiful island, everyone wants their slice of paradise, and i was getting clausterphobic and ready to murder tourists.
We read in the travel guide that the southern province of TRANG was an "undiscovered gem" with beautiful beaches undisturbed by throngs of tourists.. so off we went. When we arrived in trang (a shit hole, by all accounts) some germans told us to head to Koh Mook, because it was the most beautiful out of all the southern islands.


We got to koh Mook and realized within an instant we'd need to figure out how the hell to get off that island as soon as possible. Our bungalow (one of two resorts that were on the ONLY beach on the entire island) was an awful thing with ants and other bugs, icky toilet without a flush, and just general looks of abandonment throughout.

We met an italian lady who shared the same sentiments, and together the three of us ate dinner bitching about the shithole we landed in, and how the hell to get off it.
So plans to take the morning's fairy to Koh Lanta were afoot.

But not without a night of uberpain.
I went to sleep and took my malarial pills without water, as there was no drinking water available in the hellhole bungalow.
At 1am i woke in pain and couldnt sleep, so John and I busted out of the bungalow and headed over the the resort next door.

it was well into the night so the resort restaurant area was abandoned. I'm ashamed to say it, but John and I broke into the kitchen, and scavenged for something to help my painful throat (the beginnings of what was later known as Franklin the Ulcer).
I ate three bananas (small ones) and drank a whole two liter bottle of water... but the pain wasnt alieviated. Not thinking anything of it, I went to sleep hoping it would be gone in the morning.. Which it clearly wasnt.

We went back to our room and watched "V for Vendetta" on my little portable thingymajig, and woke up in time for breakfast with our cynical italian friend (who thought everything was "sheet", her accent's way of voicing "shit").

On the boat to Koh Lanta I sat on deck while john read inside, and I came face to face with a girl of about 25 who looked like my mother. I mean. Exactly like my mother. Well, rephrase, like my mother when she was 25. I've seen pictures, she had it all. Same upper lip that slightly juts out, same teeth, and most importantly, same eyebrows (those of you who have met my mother will know exactly what I mean when I write that. And no doubt my mother herself is probably laughing and furious that I've written it here).

but really, this girl even had the same forhead, jawline, face shape, expressions, bone structure, physique, and hair. It was creeeeeepy. I mean, CREEPY.

I almost wanted to tell her- but i didnt think it would be too well recieved. So i kept to my reading.

We arrived in Koh Lanta and found a place to stay rather quick, John gave in and let one of the louts who wait for boats to dock to sell you their accomodation talk us into a rather lovely place. We settled in, and found out from speaking to the people in the resort that my monkey bite was actually a serious affair and I should go to the doctor. Thus came the first monkey bite rabies Jab. I cried like a little girl.
No really, LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. John held my hand, the woman laughed, and I was injected. I hate needles. HATE THEM.

the next couple of nights were spent on Koh Lanta, we rented a dvd player from reception to watch many of the dvd's we had bought at ridiculously cheap prices (hurrah for piracy i suppose).
We also rented a motorbike one day and went for a bike around the island. It was all going swimmingly until we headed north, where the map said there was a paved good road. No, that was clearly not the case.
There was mud.
Not mud, SLUDGE, and we were stuck in it, and our bike's engine shut down, and that was it. We couldnt push it, we couldnt move. we were stuck in the sludge. ewww.

We ran into a british infantry soldier and his wife who were about to try their luck on the mud, when they heard our story they helped bail us out after half an hour of hard labour, they turned round as well and headed away from the road that was not a road at all. Consequently, we signalled everyone who was heading that way to turn around. They all did.

The next morning we headed off to Bangkok again, to do our final shopping before John flew out and so did i. But the pain in my throat wasnt going away, and I was due in for rabies Jab number 2, so we went straight to the hospital after dropping our stuff of at a gorgeous 4 star hotel (for the price of a budget house in britian). I was in passoutithurtssomuch pain. I couldnt eat, I'd been living on yoghurt and bracing myself for the pain that ensued after everytime I ate anything.

The hospital was efficient. They jabbed me, sent me to another room, talked to me, sent me to another room (of a specialist), told me what was wrong (esophagitis) and then sent me to pick up the drugs they had prescribed. Expensive, but terribly efficient.

I started taking the drugs immediately, but didnt feel any better, so John's last two nights with me were spent with me curled up in a ball trying to eat soup while he sat helpless to do anything. I couldnt even go to the airport to say goodbye to him at 5am when he woke up, because i was in so much pain.

I went shopping in Bangkok and wandered the markets for the next two days, moving from the beautiful hotel to another one of the budget crappy outfits on Koh San road filled with so many icky bugs I didnt care to shower with the lights on so as to not meet my guests. or hosts. whatever.

On the day I before my flight, I dared to eat a 6 piece chicken Mcnuggets. They went down, with a few hitches, but i was on the road to recovery.

Read two posts ago to hear about the adventure that was leaving thailand.


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