Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Noosa (final day) and Rainbow Beach (day 1 and 2)

Woke up early and headed off to go riding. A 2 hour ride that had me galloping along the beach at a blazing speed on a beautiful bay horse that was 15.2, I dont usually get given tall horses because of my height, and he was a goer, trying to slow him from a gallop was hard work, and my body feels it now a day later.

I saw my first kangaroos, wild, just chilling out. Smaller than I thought they'd be..

it was hard taking pictures on horseback though!

Got the leader to take some clichee shots..

they were so hard ass on their health and safety. I NEVER wear a riding helmet. Ick.

From there I just chilled and wandered until my bus to Rainbow Beach.
I arrived in Rainbow Beach at my hostel at late evening, and cooked myself food and helped the kitchen staff peel and chop onions (dont ask.. I'm good in a kitchen, so why not?)

Went to my room to find I was sharing with an Irishman, a Scotsman, a Welshman and a Hungarian. Time was spent reminiscing and talking of hungarian food. Oh yum.

In the morning I got up at 6:30 to go and feed wild dolphins.
The calm delta was gorgeous..

I had this idea it would be a whole pod of beautiful creatures. There were only two, and the boat i was in had so many small children i wanted to throw myself overboard. I hate westernized kids. Ugh.

there were some birds of strange sizes hanging around trying to get some fish..

Look at this bird. And look at the chair its standing next to. That's the size of it. Not an illusion, this thing was huge. About the same size as the kid that pissed it off and made it open its beak like that..

But the dolphins were gorgeous and I got some lovely shots of them, as well as a fisher eagle who came near the boat to get its meal. Lucky.

Then off to the beach to just enjoy my day before tomorrow's trek to fraser.

I had to sneakily take a photo of this man, who looked like he headed to the beach on his lunch break from having a bad day and looking for a little bit of calm. He didnt know i was photographing him, but I thought it looked romantic. Shirt and Tie looking out into the nowhere.

Then one of the guys who works at the hostel drove me up to see the sunset from the Sandblow, apparently a site to be reckoned with...


At 1:04 am, Anonymous Nat said...

darling, that must be a youngin kangaroo, or i'm blind and its a wallabee, as roos get absolutely massive.


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