Thursday, December 07, 2006

The New Itinerary of Glory

Okay. so another day wasted, as I was bounced from STA TRAVEL to Air New Zealand, to Luthansa, back to Air Newzealand.. but new itinerary sorted as follows:

Flying out of Christchurch on 17th of Dec (12:45 am) and arriving to
Raratonga (yes, instead of Fiji I'll be goingto the cook islands) on the 16th at 6:25am. Hurrah, an extra day!

Then flying out of Raratonga on the 21st and arriving to Vancouver on the 22nd at 11:10pm.

I have an 8 hour stopover in LA.


At 11:49 pm, Anonymous MOM said...

I'll pick U up at the airport


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