Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the train journey to Prague

So it turns out that we have to pay extra to get to Prague, because our train pass doesnt cover it. UGH. We went from Brussels to Koln, then onto Frankfurt, then to Prague.. or so was the plan.
We bought first class reservations to Koln, but since our passes were second class, we got booted to Second class.. Luckily, we managed to enjoy the food of firstclass before being found out!

We didnt really have to wait too long for trains, and we managed to amuse ourselves by taking silly pictures anyway.

Eventually in Frankfurt we were on the train that headed to Prague, and since it was overnight we thought we'd try and get some shut eye. We made friends with a couple of american lads, so we all sat together, but because there wasnt enough room for all of us to lay down, little ol' me got sent upstairs to the luggage rack! hurrah!

Comfy, Cosy, out of the way, as long as the train made no abrupt stops!

The immigration officer checking the passports didnt even see me asleep up there, so I technically got smuggled into Czech.. Technically.

Liz and the guys got the nosebleed seats. mwahaha

But here comes the fun. To get INTO prague we'd have to pay extra (around 30 euros more) because our pass doesnt cover it.. so what did we do? We got off at the German Czech border of CHEB at 4:30AM and waited for my cousin Dave and his wife Agi to come pick us up, and drive us into the city.. hehe
4:30am, do you know where your face is?

At 6am we were finally enroute to prague, and asleep!

This is Lizzy asleep in the car, and me getting involved in the photo!

We got to a hostel in the bad part of town, and since it had rooms we decided to just stay there.. more on that later... and went for a nap.


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