Friday, December 08, 2006

Aukland to Taupo, New Zealand

New Zealand has been anticlimatic from the get go.

Aside from being on the plane with the girl Derek reffered to as "californication", nothing too amusing has happened since i've arrived. Mundanely found a hostel, and heard that the buses going south the next day were early in the morning, which I woke up too late to sort out. So i wandered, and tried sorting out my flights, which had me in furies calling Air Newzealand, STA Travel, Luthansa, and crying to some poor travel agent who wanted to sell me flights to christchurch.
The rest of the time has been spent on the internet just out of sheer laziness, sad i know.

But, but, last night I was in the supermarket buying food for my dinner when i heard.. "pero che, boludo, que me estas diciendo?"
i laughed, but thought, nawwwwww.. cant be.. then "pero negro, que queres?"

immediately, I had to know: so in spanish I asked "any chance you're argentinean?"

((for my anglophiles, the deduction was based on two slang words that argies are known for and no one else in hispanic society really uses as terms of endearment: Boludo (meaning literally: large balled one) and Negro (meaning literally: black one.. not racist.. just endearing).
Sure enough, it was an Argentine and a Uruguyan who were working in NZ.
They invited me to a bottle of wine after dinner, so more people cracking jokes about my horrific argentine/but-not-quite-argentine accent ensued. Great.
I can honestly say that was my first time EVER socializing with a guy around my age who is not a member of my immediate family from Argentina. Now coupled with Marina, the argie I met in Africa I can almost say I have friends in argentina *oh the bliss*

In that night of wine drinking other people were about the hostel and one such lad mentioned he was driving back south with his mates who had all come to aukland for a concert. I asked if they were hitting taupo on the way down, and managed to snag a ride.

It was only when I got into the large van full of young looking boys that I realized i was travelling with a group in which the oldest person aside from me was 17. Yes, a van full of angsty teenagers: my dad would have loved it, as they were dressed in my old manner which he loved so dearly. (ha. Ha. HA)

They were lovely, dropping me off at a backpacker's and carrying my bags up for me.
Unfortunately, it couldnt make up for the torrential downpour going on in Taupo, which made going out and seeing anything impossible, so I stayed in watching SHREK.

Tomorrow I'm skydiving.. this should be interesting. (dont worry mom, it'll be fine. If you dont hear from me in a couple days, then you can worry)


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