Monday, January 28, 2008

Bermuda - the life

I know, I've been naughty- I promised I'd write this time, and I've been horribly neglectful. But with good reason!
I arrived in Bermuda on Saturday the 20th, and immediately got attacked by customs, who dinged me for having electronics (no one warned me about this) so I coughed up $405 in duty. My company is fighting to get it back for me.
But the 2 hour flight delay and the customs argument had me late to meet my new boss and colleagues who were giving me an office tour and taking me out for dinner.

Finally the taxi driver took me to my place at "Dawkins Manor" - the room wasnt as bad as what I had read reviews about, but it wasnt the Shangri-La either. Got showered in less than 15 minutes was out the door.

I met up with 3 work colleagues, 2 of which were also staying at Dawkins and the guy who hired me. We all went for dinner and drank wine, and just generally got to know eachother.

I was exhausted, so off home to bed- but of course it was a sleepless night since jetlag has a horrid effect on me.

The next day Dan, one of my colleagues who lives with me took me to get my moped rental. Interesting experience, being called "babygirl" and godknows what else by an obese bermudian who felt the need to sing Beyonce's song "to the left, to the left" in order to remind me that i was driving on the wrong side of the road. (More on that later).

Met up with Mark and Ashton, and we all went out for lunch. Then I just chilled out and got organized, watched some t.v. as it was Sunday night and work was monday!

Got to work EARLY, because Dan was showing me how to get there, so i was there by 7:50.. talk about a keener when you dont have to be in till 8:30!

Learned LOTS, but generaly felt a bit neglected as no one was taking the time to really show me what to do, so after i had read all they gave me to read, i was sitting at my desk doing nothing. I bought some food on the way home and cooked for myself and Dan, who doesnt know how to cook and is missing his wife's handyness in the kitchen.

Day 2 of work was a lot busier, lots of work, lots of learning. Home and cooking with dan. That's pretty much how the week went: work all day, come home and cook with Dan, watch t.v., and in bed by 10.

Friday night I went out with Dan and Joel, and a bunch of other expats. Good night out, though I didnt really drink much since I got a call telling me I had to get back to the office before 10am Sat morning to help them with something! Working on a saturday on my first week there!

Instead, after drinking I went back to the office and sorted it out at 1am, so I could sleep in.

Saturday Dan and I tried to bike out to St.George, which is supposed to be beautiful and picturesque. It was a gorgeous beach day, so warm and everything- i even packed my snorkle. We had 6.4 KM to go before the rain started, and it was so cold and miserable we had to wait it out under a big palm tree for shelter!

Came back and watched t.v. to warm up.

Sunday went into the office to do some work bright and early (9am!) and then went out to St.George in the afternoon (this time properly bundled up). It's like a little colonial town, really pretty!

I love the fact that the water is crystal clear, you can see right down and watch the fish.

Anyways.. tummy is growling, so further updates I hope will be more frequent.


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