Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new?

Out of lazyness, neglect, and the sheer cost of internet time in Raratonga, I failed to continue with the updates.. My Apologies, more to myself than anyone else, since only I know too well how much my memory can fail me, so this blog is all I have as concrete evidence of my experiences. To sum up from recollection:

After New Zealand I flew to Raratonga and spent a week and a half enjoying the small island. I found it to be overpriced, and rather dull.. particularly because the weather wasnt awesome which made laying on the beach kind of impossible. On the upside, I met some lovely people, had a great laugh out with them, and found the most expensive internet cafe yet: $9 NZD/20 mins!

After the gig was up, I got on my little plain back to Canada.. but sadly the fates had other plans. My flight was cancelled, and I ended up stranded in LAX on Dec.23, being told I probably wouldn't make it home for christmas. Several fits and bouts later, and spending a night in LAX freezing my ass off talking to a random old man by the McDonalds about hunting, and I was on a plane back to Vancouver.

End of.


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