Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Prague (day 1).. and the hostel of doom.

So we're in this crazy hostel that smells of wet dog, with a shower that is in the pitch of black upstairs in this abandoned area of the building. ICK. The trams run past our window, so sleeping is a misery on its own.. alas, we'll find somewhere better.

In the meantime....

We had these huuuuuuge plates of amazing food.. Goulash, Potato Dumplings, Saurkraut! Oh My!
And Agi and Dave wandered through the town with us, showing us the main sights.. and

getting lost.

i thought it looked cool, so sue me.

this is the famous astronomical clock

I thought it'd be nice to try on the traditional hats.. I WANT ONE!!!
Then Liz and I played dressup..

we climbed the tower of Charles Bridge to see the views..

And eventually passed out in Agi and Dave's apartment/hotel out of sheer exhaustion. We wandered a bit at night, and said goodbye to Agi and Dave as they were heading back to Budapest in the morning.


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