Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Prague (day 2)

Day 2, and we want to find a new place to stay. We're moving, yes! but not till day 3. BOOO HISS

We met some guys that Liz met in Bruges, so we hung out with them after seeing the main sights.

Icecream at "Cream and Dream" hehe..

We took a boat trip along the river and got some nice scenic shots..

We went with the guys to see a marionette version of Don Giovanni, Mozart's Opera.. good laugh!
Then we wandered the main square in search of good cheap food.. and had the worst waiter imaginable.
Eventually Liz and I headed back to Hostel Doom for some much needed rest..

This was Liz on the mainsquare after dinner.. the Naked Shot (she's wearing a strapless top)


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