Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cape Town (day 3, 4 and 5)

WRITER's NOTE: I've added the missing photo's to greece, i'll be adding the missing italy ones soon, slowly but surely this will be complete!,

Day 3 was spent hanging about with Maya and her friends doing not much really, except watching "lolita" at night, where i managed a nice picture of Maya and Amy..

but on Day 4 I headed into cape town center by taking the Jammy (student shuttle between campus's)... some random guy named Pat decided to talk to me on the bus the whole way, and was kind enough to walk me into the town center, so we wandered through the pan african market together, where I bought some beautiful african hand carved wooden bowls and other curios.. ((already nest building.. mom, there's wooden bowls that are beautiful just like the one you have in the kitchen for fruit, you'd like them)).
I wandered into the greenmarket square after going to tourist info to sort out my capetown pass, and this guy was wandering around singing about africa and being generally cool looking, so a photo had to be taken..

Got back to the res with some other dude offering to walk me to the university, this one being white and from the UK, bizaar.. But managed to get back intime for Maya to tell me that Desmond Tutu, a key political figure and the first black archbishop of south africa was giving the steve beku memorial lecture, and it was free.. so off we went to watch that..

after that we went out with all of maya's friends to a burger joint that did amazing milkshakes.. then off to bed so i could get up early today and begin using my capetown pass.

Day 5 began with me heading to catch the sightseeing hop on and off bus, that took me all along the town and to the outskirts, and climbed to the base of table mountain so i could see the beautiful view of the bowl..

from the bus these kids were waving at me, and I took their picture.. I think black kids are so beautiful, even the ones in westernized areas still retain a visual innocence about them.. I cant wait to go to less developed urban areas, though no one in the cape area seems to be able to suggest WHERE that may be!

I went and wandered through the National Art Gallery, which had some lovely photographs, and then Maya's mother picked me up and took us to Boulder's Beach to chill out with the penguin colony that's there.. they were formally known as Jackass Penguins (because of the sound they make) but have been renamed southafrican penguins now..

they really are magnificant! and no, i'm not using a zoom lens, he was literally within a foot of me! THIS makes me so glad i brought my good camera!

another animal that hangs out with the penguins in the colony (which is free for the penguins to come and go as they please, its not like a zoo or anything) is the Dussy, the closest living relative to the ELEPHANT! (i cannot believe it!), they look like little beavers!

soo cute!

I spent ages staring at the penguins, they're just so unbelievable! I want to take one home!

though they also spent some time staring at me.. this one became friendly and decided to humour me by being my model for a good ten minutes, striking tons of poses and walking slowly beside me.. I call him Elmo.

Mayas mum managed a nice shot of me and maya both staring at a penguin out of the shot.

And maya thought it looked funny when i was trying to run out of the surf to make footprints and then quickly photograph them so as to have my footprints in the sand in each beach i go to.. so she took a picture of my labours.


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