Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vienna (day 2, 3, 4)

So, we arrive in Vienna direct from Prague, and on our way to our hostel we notice this, which was just plain funny for its own sake...

The hostel was pretty lush to find, thanks to Daves recommendation, it was also very chill, loads of people to chat to, and very friendly atmosphere..

We went out the first night with the entire hostel, pretty much. Everyone just got together and headed for the drinking-bar strip, for a night out. Lizzy stayed out dancing till 5am, but I was sleepy so I headed home, with a bit of drama of getting on the wrong bus with the two scotsmen that were at our hostel.

The next day we wandered around, seeing sights, and of course, for dinner we had the traditional feast.. Goulash and WienerSnitzel.. see? In a small little viennese restaurant.

Day 3 we went hardcore,First had a completely LUSH breakfast of fresh fruit, yoghurt and other tasty things in the courtyard of the hostel in the sun..

and then saw all the imperial palace, as well as some random pointy structures, while still having time to check out RUNCH comics, some crazy comic book store, where I got to hang out with Warf... theres one dream come true for me !

I also had a small affair with Spiderman.. but.. who can blame me.. hes so pretty.

So yes, Vienna is pretty, with a lot of pointy things.. see?

We went over to this church and met an orlandobloom lookalike named Gizmo.. (i shit you not, hes albanian)

Gizmo was friendly and let us model mozartstyle, so...

Bet he regrets it now!

Then we went into Mozarts House, though we werent allowed to take pictures inside, so heres the outside..

Took a break and had some proper Viennese cakes, their traditional chocolaty one and another one that was so unbelievably divine

Walked past what I thought was one of the coolest posters ever..

And of course, the imperial palace saved for last..

(Band playing within the courtyard of the palace)


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