Thursday, July 20, 2006

Prague (day 4) and Vienna (day 1)

Spent the last day in Prague just wandering and chilling with Liz, had some icecream and enjoyed our final evening in the pretty hostel we had moved to, despite the hot water running out and being forced to have cold showers.

Met a guy called Andrew who recommended a hostel called Brown Sugar to me when I head to Africa, apparently his friend runs it, so that'll be good, its coming with a recommendation.

Made it safe and sound to vienna, after a BOILING train journey. The hostel was easy to find, Dave and Agi recommended it to us when we were with them in Prague. Clean rooms, nice courtyard to sit and eat, kitchen, shower that's clean, and lockers for valuables ((Daddy, you can rest safe in the knowledge that my camera is locked up tightly)).

Liz and I did some laundry and just wandered aimlessly to the tourist info to see what to do tomorrow..
so the adventure begins tomorrow in Vienna, where liz will stay for three days before heading to Geneva.. I might hang out here a bit longer, or see Salzburg, or other more rural austrian areas before heading down to Italy to bum around before going to Greece.

No pictures this time.


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