Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Prague (day 3)

Ohhhhhhhh the drama..
We woke up with the aim to check out of Hostel Just (yes, that's what it was called.. dont ask, we think it was a mis-translation.. see..)

It took THREE HOURS to find the location of our new hostel, seeing as NO ONE speaks english here, and our czech doesnt go further than "thankyou". We went passed the place more than 5 times, crossed town over and over again, and eventually hailed a taxi, who charged us 10 euros before we got in.. we figured anything was better than lugging bags in the blistering heat of over 30 degrees. But the taxi driver literally drove us less than 100m, parked, and that was where the hostel was. UGH, so close, yet so far away. It's worth it though, sooo much cleaner! just.. YUM!

We then went to meet Jhamar and Nate, the guys we hung out with yesterday in the main square. We ran into another guy who Liz had met earlier, doing street performances of Acromassage. (Yes, exactly what it says on the tin), so he used Liz as a demo prop..

But I wanted a go.. though Iwas wearing a skirt..
so Jhamar and I traded

And I got to be the lotus!

We wandered the Markets, and I bought cherries.. yum fruit and veg.

We took the boys across the bridge helping them buy their mom's souvenirs..

And I took some more crazy portraits..

We then headed into the Jewish Quarter to see the cemetary (which was closed) and what else was around..

So many options..

Snacking on watermelon while choosing what to do next..

We bought loads of food at the supermarket and looked for a nice park we had seen the day before to have a picnic.. Dinner ended up costing each of us about 1 euro.. HURRAH FOR MY BUDGETING SKILLS!

So we picnicked at sunset in a lovely park and got eaten by bugs.

wierd bugs.

Then we went for a night out, whand listened to good music.

Nate lighting his Absinthe.

Today's our final day in prague (Day 4), as tomorrow we leave for Vienna.. Hurrah


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