Tuesday, July 25, 2006


So I got into Venice at around 1pm, and thought Id have no trouble getting a hostel.... Oh i thought so wrong, so very very wrong. After calling every one I could, and spending 2 euro for 10 minutes to look someup on the internet (to find they were all full), I trudged back to the trainstation in the blistering heat (read- covered in sweat) to bargain with the guys who offer hotels at "discount" prices. They were all uber expensive, but one "very nice man" told me that all the rooms in his hotel were booked, but if i needed a cheap place to stay i could sleep in his room (read-in his BED) for a lower price. He assured me it was a very big bed. HA.
So, I choked and paid the 40 euros for a room of my own.. no creepy italian men in that one. Thats the second sicilian man who offers me a bed for the night. What is with them? You KNOW youre in italy when creepy men start talking to you. And apparently its blatantly obvious that im Argentinian.. or so everyone here tells me, my accent is a dead giveaway. Hah, read that all you people who keep telling me that Im canadian. HMPH.

Enough with the groaning and moaning. I ditched my stuff and bought a gelato to cool my nerves. I was hoping the pretty hostel Derek and I stayed in would be about, so I tried looking for it, but considering Derek and I had enough trouble finding it when we were staying there, Im not surprised that I couldnt even locate a trace of it.

I did all the sights that are there, I love venice, I loved it the first time, and although it isnt as great as it was when me and derek went, it was still beautiful.

Those of you who dont fall in love with Venice at first sight, I no longer value your opinion on anything aesthetic.
Proof follows:

The venetian specialty, masks..

Perfect timing, I have one with out, but I like the gondolieri.

I didnt dare get in one of these overpriced things, it gave me flashbacks to Derek and My Gondola Ride from Hell with the gondola armada back in 2003.. oh god. but theyre at least pretty to look at.

Now I only wish I had gotten up at the crack of dawn to see st.marcs square completely empty. I want to see it in winter too, so I guess Ill be coming back to Venice after all.. ((p.s., Derek, look at the tower on the right. thats where you and I sat for about three hours playing with my Venetian Masks and peoplewatching.. member?))

The armada.

Look Mom, Im tanned! Awful picture, I know. but at least Im not colore latte!

Now do you love Venice? I stepped foot there and decided that I need to live there at some point in my life. Thats final. Suiganme Los Buenos.


At 9:01 pm, Anonymous Mom said...

Hi there:
Thanks for the updates
I do LOVE Venice
was in a hotel called fenice, close to the "alla scala'
glad u r enjoying. Where's LIZ?

At 11:49 am, Blogger Chasing-The-Sun said...

Liz and I parted ways in Austria, because she had to meet some friends in Geneva and Switzerland, and I was heading South to greece..
Going to send her an email on her bday though!


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