Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Florence (day 2)

On the train to Florence I was pretty cushy, laying on two seats all chilled...

So I woke up pretty early today and did the wandering thing, all the way to ponte vecchio, with the intent of going into the galleria della accademia, but the line up was huge. I saw a sign saying its open this evening at 7pm, so I may do that instead.
I bought the leather jacket that I saw with Joe back two years ago. 2 years ago they were letting it go for 150 euro, and i wouldnt pay more than 100 so i didnt end up getting it. Today I wandered into a shop and saw it, and the guy asked for 200 euro. I told him that I wouldnt pay more than 100, and he told me it was a "brand new model, only 2 months old" HA, TRY TWO YEARS!!!, anyway, he shouted at me and was generally nasty, so I left. Found the same jacket, and waddyaknow.. I managed to get it down to 120 euro.. I stopped trying to lower it more, because i was already pushing it by using my feminine wiles (no mom and dad, not like that, just the sheer fact that Im female, young, and theyre all greesy older italian men meant they gave me a good "nice people price", nothing more.)

Anyway, went to the supermarket and wanted to get some food because theres a fridge in my room. Heres where I feel really bad. I went to pay, with visa because i spent all my cash on the jacket, and their visa machine breaks down during the transaction. So they tell me to go to a cashpoint. I wander around looking for one, and cant find the supermarket to go back and pay!!! so I went to my hostel with 5 euros worth of unpaid for, practically stolen food. Karma is going to bite me for that one.

en la piazza del duommo

the gates of paradise

the cathedral

tasty chocolate goodness!

the ponte vecchio

The Rape of The Sabines, one of my favourite sculptures.. this isnt the original, thats in the vatican, ive seen it though!

A copy of the David that sits in Piazza della Signora.. this has nothing on the original, the original is massive and glows of beautiful white marble.. but woah, what a body.

The courtyard to the Medici Palace

pretty florentine streets..

"un panino perfavore!!"

and last but not least, the cliche tourist shot with the ponte vecchio behind.


At 9:10 pm, Anonymous Mom said...

in which language you have argentinia accent? Italian? booo

At 11:50 am, Blogger Chasing-The-Sun said...

Apparently italian, and spanish to anyone who ISNT from Argentina.. haha


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