Sunday, September 24, 2006

Intermission 2 and Africa

Okay, so its been a month since the last update, and with very good reason: i had nothing to update. I stayed still. I took the two day ferry to venice, arrived late missing the train to nice, and ended up staying in Milan for the night with a lovely girl called Sofia who let me sleep in her spare bedroom.. By the time i got to Nice i'd had enough of travelling, my wanderlust had expired, so i stayed put and stopped moving...
Plus, look at my flipflops, this is after my travels, the soles were coming off, they just werent up to more movement..

I went back to scotland for a bit, and went to visit an old friend from canada in buckinghamshire, and then did the trek to africa. three plane journeys and one early 5am arrival later found me in cape town airport, sleeping on the chairs waiting to be picked up. Maya came and met me, and kindly let me sleep on the matress at her university residence room. Yesterday, after arriving and crashing out for a long needed nap, she took me out to meet her friends in the pub for a pint, and then back to their residence room for wine and music and random games. This morning was spent at Clifton Beach, absolutely beautiful, but freezing cold because we were on the west side of the cape.. Hopefully tomorrow i'll venture into cape town, as i'm staying in the suburb called rondebosch where the university is..

the beautiful beach we went to, clifton four

my foot prints!

I've developed a fascination with taking pictures of my shadow.. who wouldnt when they're travelling alone?

my feetsies in the gorgeous floury sand.. yum


At 4:51 am, Anonymous Mom said...

those beaches look fabolous!
Your stance not so, tho the shadow is great!

At 10:23 am, Blogger Chasing-The-Sun said...

hmph! we both know my posture is crap. the beaches are beautiful, you'd love them, completely unpolluted, though the water on the side we were at (west of the cape) was freezing!


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