Friday, July 28, 2006

Florence (day 2) and Siena (day 1)

So I napped a bit, after seeing the sights, and then realized i got my days confused, and it was wednesday not tuesday, so I missed out on the Galleria della accademia, its okay though, ive been there twice, so it would have been nice for a third, but not essential.

I met a couple argentinian guys from Buenos Aires, and they laughed at my awful spanish and inability to understand their slang. My secret was out, talking to them left me feeling pretty inadequate.. maybe Ill spend a year in italy improving my italian, then a year in argentina fixing up my shoddy spanish.
THEN ill start on the living. HA.

I also met four portugese people, so we went out at night together, and ended up drinking in a cute little bar and meeting some brazilian, cuban, mexican and other hispanic people, so everyone was talking in their own language and everyone else was understanding, it was hillarious.


Drama. In the morning I was going to Siena. I woke up. I showered. I took my room key (which had my locker key attatched to it) with me. I came back into my room (which i was sharing with this crazy chinese girl who sang to herself). I put the key down. And I went to look for it on my bed two minutes later, and it was GONE.
I turned my suitcase inside out, searched EVERY nook and cranny. No Key. Which meant no locker, which meant no camera, passport, etc. AGH.
So I noticed that the chinese girl had her key, and had a locker key attatched to it (it didnt come like that from the hostel, i happened to have put my locker key on the same ring so that i wouldnt lose it, go figure). So i asked her to check and see if maybe ours got mixed up. She refused. I asked her to please just check just in case, and she went all psycho on me shouting jerry springer style that "no one accuses her of stealing".. woah.
I go downstairs and ask the guy to help me out here, but crazy chinese girl has already fled.
AFTER MUCH PANICKING, the guy who works there produces a spare key to my locker and i get my stuff out. But, because I "lost" (read: was nicked) my key, i had to pay a 10€ deposit. So, where i gained the 5 euros from stolen food yesterday I lost double.
Damn that Karma.

Now it also turns out that I am missing a skirt! I remember packing it, when i went to get changed in Siena it wasnt there... HUMPH, damn that karma, its getting me back doubletime.

Anyways, Siena. ((no pictures yet, will upload when i find a computer that lets me))
I met Laura in Siena and we went to the apartment she rented for the tour. I went to the market to get some food, and we chilled out.
We then rented our bikes with the three boys she was taking on the tour, and headed out to bike through Tuscany. MY GOD AM I OUT OF SHAPE!! I was in so much pain! so much hills, and my little legs couldnt do it!
We biked through this hillside town and passed all these sunflower fields, it was amazing.. then everyone biked back home, and I took the bus back being my weak self.
The guys who own the apartment were staying in cooked me dinner because Laura and the three boys went to a restaurant, and Im saving money.
I decided that maybe this biking through tuscany thing isnt for me, I just cant handle 5 hours a day of uphill going, my ass was SO sore this morning from that bloody bike seat.

So, no bike tour of tuscany for me. I had the one day experience, now its time to run away with my tail between my legs.
But.. INSTEAD, the two guys whose apartment were at are friends of Laura, and they invited me to go camping with them on the tuscan coast for two nights. So im going to see siena today, then go camping with the guys, then come back and see Perugia, Assisi and or Pisa.. then off to Ancona for Greece.

Pictures soon to follow.

Leave me comments people! i want to know this blog is worth the effort!


At 5:09 pm, Anonymous Joan said...

heyy yea your blog is worth it :) (am from livejournal! so thanks for passing me the link.)

its just great to read what happens and all. Pity you lost your skirt. keep all KEYS and things like that close to you at ALL TIMES >< tie it around your wrist or hang keys on your necklace... or something. sounds like you're having fun though :D

At 11:46 am, Anonymous Rich Meadows said...

hey, its rich. I have been following your escapades and it is worth it, its nice to see you are having a good time, and you have some fantastic pics, especially in venice. Good memories as well i expect. Funny to think your spanish isnt up to scratch, i wonder how mine would have fared! =S

Keep it up! :)


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